Jack Christopher is a Foley artist, sound designer, music producer and recording engineer who specialises in high quality recording, composition and mixing.


To create music I use Logic X and Protools, for game music I use Wwise to help integrate my music into unity based games and other creation platforms. I work with all genres from rock, to cinematic, to acapella. I enjoy creating music that creates an emotional response in the listener, I am inspired by John Powells compositions and the way he uses music to move the audience.

My passion for music started at Glastonbury festival in 2010. The “Access to Music” section of the kids field had a mobile “Rock hopper studio” that could record small groups of people and give them a CD with their track on the next day. This amazed me and I found out more about them online, this lead me to singing up to a summer band factory course where random groups of musicians create songs and perform them at the end of the week. It was from this my love for music performance and recording stemmed leading me to ACM.

In school, I would often spend my lunch break In the music rooms playing piano, drums, and guitar. During my last year at school, I completed a couple of ACM short courses in home music production to increase my skills and knowledge before starting my diploma. These courses helped to steer me towards music production instead of Diploma guitar performance.

During my degree I realised my passion for game and film music. This helped steer me more towards film foley and game music composition. In the future I am hoping to be able to work on films and games compositions and productions, whether this be through writing the music, or just helping to record and create sounds to be used in them.


Atmospheric track made on a rainy day

Written to accompany a student made animation

Written by Andrew Huang

Covered by Matt Romaine